The project organized 4 seminars with international students.

For each seminar, we focused on an emerging technology that is disrupting the current technological paradigm, such as AI, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Assistive Robotics and Artificial Intelligence along with its related socioeconomic implications, such as Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Multiculturalism, Globalization, Ethics and Privacy.

Our targeted group was young, local and international IT master students and future IT leaders who wished to benefit from the experience of researchers and industry specialists, during seminars in which industry and academia collaborate for a shared curriculum.

Initially, the four seminars were planned to be organized with physical presence of all the participants. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the first two seminars were organized online, and the other two seminars were organized with physical presence of the participants. The travel costs were supported through the Erasmus+ program.

First Seminar

Big Data and its Ethical Implications

University of Passau
22-26 February 2021
Big Data

The recent deluge of generated data and their analysis raises several technical and ethical concerns:

  • What will be the future Big Data innovations and AI for Big Data developments?
  • What key factors will determine the successful use of AI methods in Big Data?
  • What will be the societal impacts and challenges related to these developments?
  • How should future IT leaders best address these challenges?
Second Seminar

Blockchain & Innovation for Digital Society

7-11 June 2021
Blockchain & Innovation

Emerging digital platform economies are changing the work, socialize, create value in the economy, and compete for the resulting profits. Some questions arise:

  • How doe these platforms affect the understanding of IPR?
  • How does one conceptualize a business activity to take place within an existing or newly implemented platform?
  • What will the effect of these platforms(Uber, Airbnb etc.) on the European labour market?

Third Seminar

Preserving Privacy and Trust in IoT

University of Milan
15-19 November 2021
Internet of Things

Exponential growth in the number of consumer devices being connected –> Ubiquitous data collection, newer unexpected use of customer data. Points to examine:

  • Balancing trust in service provider with need for privacy.
  • Adapting traditional web based security methods to the real of constrained devices.
  • Legal aspect –> EU legislation such as GDPR and how it tackles IoT privacy issues.

Fourth Seminar

Integrating Assistive Robots in a Multicultural and Multigenerational Society

University Politehnica of Bucharest
21-25 March 2022
Assistive Robots

Different topics arround the Integration of Assistive Robots in a Multicultural and Multigenerational Society

  • Examines the role and integration of assistive robots in a society where generations and cultures meet and mix.
  • Different perspective on what the role of robots should be and how robots should behave.
  • Different levels of acceptance towards robots,and different levels of understanding of how a robot works and what someone cane xpect from a robot.
  • Different laws regarding robots in terms of privacy and security.
  • Robots as devices connected through the Internet of Things.