The digitalization of society offers an unlimited field for innovation, and, with the support of information and communication technologies (ICT), we are transitioning towards a rapidly evolving context of novel, unexpected technological, societal, and industrial challenges. One of these is the employability of IT graduates, a challenge in the context of a rapidly evolving environment featuring novel technologies.
The European task force comprises four leading Universities and four corporate partners from France, Germany, Italy and Romania. It aims at gathering companies’ needs and priorities, and developing and implementing a relevant evolutionary process of 4 seminars, far beyond a classical student’s exchange framework or a new ICT module.
FIT EUROPE aims to create a platform which enables the industrial and academic participants to develop methods and practices, analyse social and/or economic impacts of emerging technologies and to produce new knowledge on how IT can contribute to boundary-breaking innovations that will enable ambitious development and growth in intelligent socio-technical futures, all of which combine to realise the goal of educating “Future IT leaders for a Multicultural, Digital Europe”.


The project organized 4 seminars with international students.

For each seminar, we focused on an emerging technology that is disrupting the current technological paradigm, such as AI, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Assistive Robotics and Artificial Intelligence along with its related socioeconomic implications, such as Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Multiculturalism, Globalization, Ethics and Privacy.
Our targeted group was young, local and international IT master students and future IT leaders who wished to benefit from the experience of researchers and industry specialists, during seminars in which industry and academia collaborate for a shared curriculum.

  • Seminar 1: Big Data and its Ethical Implications
  • Seminar 2: Implications of Platform Economy for Business Models
  • Seminar 3: Preserving Privacy and Trust in IoT
  • Seminar 4: Integrating Assistive Robots in a Multicultural and Multigenerational Society

Students Selection Critiria

Selection Principles


The consortium is formed of 8 partners from 4 European countries:
4 leading Universities and 4 Corporate partners.

  • National Institute of Science and Technology in Lyon
    French Tech One Lyon St-Étienne


  • University "Politehnica" of Bucharest
    IT Center for Science and Technology


  • University of Milan
    Engineering SpA-R&D


  • University of Passau


FIT Europe is an Erasmus+ Project